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Validate new ideas and uncover hidden value without any setup, scheduling or code to install.

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How UsersThink Works

Landing page

Give us your landing page

Test any landing page, from your homepage, to your coming soon page, to your order or product page.

Give us your page to test and we’ll take care of the rest!

A dozen people

Get feedback from real people

We ask a bunch of people carefully crafted questions about your landing page. They give answers that clue you into what works and what doesn’t.

Don’t waste time with recruiting, scheduling, figuring out what to ask, or quality control. We take care of it for you.

Real Results

Get results really, really fast

You’ll be emailed the results in an easy to digest PDF report.

Then make changes, improve your page, and test it again to improve even more.

Why UsersThink Works

No sign ups

No setup, no accounts, no first-born children

No logins, no Facebook integrations, no code snippets, no research, no prep work, no settings to configure.

All you need is a credit card, an email account, and a landing page.

And if there are any problems just email us and we’ll do everything we can to help!

Speedy guy

Inexpensive to test, quick to analyze

High value insights, that you can digest in less time than it takes to drink a Soy Vanilla Latte, are worth any price.

UsersThink is 10x cheaper than other services, but with a much higher level of quality.

Built for ourselves

Built for ourselves, rebuilt for you

First built for our consulting work, UsersThink was so impressive we decided to give you direct access to the service.

In fact, it’s so good that we’ve been using UsersThink to improve UsersThink itself, and it’s made this site a million times better.

What Users Think of UsersThink

Shannon Sofield

“[The UsersThink] report items were actionable and gave a consistent viewpoint of how our site is perceived by a first time user. I highly recommend UsersThink for validating new site concepts and MVPs.”

Shannon Sofield


Michael Kamleitner

“When building a landing page for your shiny new web app, I urge you to spend money for UsersThink. I was amazed by both quality & speed of feedback.”

Michael Kamleitner

Swat.io & Walls.io

Barry Rabkin

“Great, easy to use service. Would have paid many times over for the results I received from UsersThink.”

Barry Rabkin


Give UsersThink a try.

All you need is a landing page to test and we’ll take care of the rest!