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A dozen people

Feedback from real folks

We ask a dozen people questions about your web page. You get the answers in a detailed PDF in a few hours.


Discover hidden opportunities

Gain the knowledge and perspective needed to make big improvements with the least amount of work.


Iterate and improve quickly with no-fuss

Run a test, make changes, then run another test and discover what else can be improved.

There’s no limit to how much better you can do.


We built it for ourselves first and foremost

Built by John Turner of Expert Usability, he’s giving you direct access to the tool he’s been using for all of his client work.

No sign ups

No sign-ups, no logins, no first-born children

No Facebook integrations, no code snippets, no configuration settings.

Give us the web page to test, pay with your credit card, and you’ll get the results in an email.

Risk free

No risk, no worries, no sweat

Each order is risk-free. If you’re not pleased, you’ll get a full refund.

We want to make the web a better place. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.

We’re using UsersThink to improve UsersThink

Here’s an old version of this page:

Old web page screenshot

And here’s some of the feedback we got from our UsersThink report:

“The page seems very daunting with the amount of scrolling and large font size.”

“The lack of images made the page appear very dull.”

“The purpose of the website seems very useful. Being able to get feedback on the quality of your website from users in a crowdsource fashion is a great way to get a bevy of information of your site.”

View the UsersThink results (PDF) from that version of UsersThink (PNG) to see how we’ve been using UsersThink to improve UsersThink!

Get honest feedback without any hassle, time, or effort on your part.

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All you need is a web page to test and we’ll take care of the rest!