Why Use Landing Pages?

There’s no shortage of people who advocate for landing pages, and swear that they’re THE way to navigate the digital marketing minefield and successfully score conversions.

But that much hype might make you a little suspicious.

After all, why should you focus so much effort on landing pages above all the other tactics and strategies that other folks advocate for?

So, what is a landing page?

Before I dive into what exactly makes landing pages so powerful, let me first clear up some common misconceptions when it comes to landing pages.

After all, the semantics of the whole thing can be confusing at first, cause you can land on any page, right?

But that’s not the key to a landing page. What distinguishes a successful landing page from any other page on your site is that it stands alone. It exists to fulfill one single purpose, and that’s it.

That purpose can vary, depending on your needs. It could be generating a lead by capturing someone’s email address, or directing a user towards more information on your product.

The key is that the page focuses around one goal. With a landing page, there won’t be any confusing navigation or different messages that divides a users attention.

At UsersThink, we believe in the power of landing pages, that they’re perfect for delivering a strong, focused message, and that encourages a user to take action. No online effort is complete without a coherent, convincing landing page to support your message and take users through to the next step.

Not convinced yet? Here are five reasons you need to start using landing pages - now.

Reason 1: If you’re struggling to focus your message, landing pages are the solution

I’m not saying that your home page is doing a bad job (although there’s only one way to find out), but it’s a fact that it has to cater to many different interests and objectives.

There’s a lot of pressure on your website to deliver, and the goal of every website is almost always a complex one.

You might feel like you need to use your home page to tell visitors about your history, deliver your newest content to them, introduce all your services and your pricing, and do all of this all at once.

Landing pages don’t face that kind of pressure.

Landing pages allow you to focus around one, often simple, message, idea, or concept.

Not only does this make your job easier, you probably won’t lose any sleep figuring out how to do this.

But it also means that you can get an excellent sense of what works and what doesn’t quickly.

If you make a change to your site overall, it might be hard to parse out how helpful (or not) that change was.

But if your landing page isn’t delivering, it’s easier to make changes and see exactly how that affects conversions.

And this focus will also make it easier for your visitors to understand what you are all about.

Since landing pages focus around one simple concept, visitors will be more likely to understand what you are trying to offer, and whether or not that is of any real value to them.

Reason 2: Your landing page can be dedicated to one conversion goal

Just like how a landing page allows you to increase focus around a single message, it also enables you to focus your visitors around a single goal.

Pretty much everyone, and every type of company, have a number of different actions and conversions they would like users to take.

A dedicated landing page allows you to focus your energy on just one of them.

Not only no reason to cramp every conversion goal into one page, it works against the whole point of having one.

What people to click through to your pricing options? Would you like visitors to give you their email? Or maybe download an ebook or other free giveaway?

With a landing page, you can focus on just one conversion goal, and promote that single goal multiple times throughout the page.

This constraint also gives you a great opportunity to experiment with different ways to achieve the same conversion goal, to find out what type of positioning works and doesn’t.

Reason 3: Landing pages can be made to address the needs of focused traffic

Another great thing about landing pages is that they allow you to cater to the purpose or goal of users coming from a specific source of traffic.

This source could be anything, such as a guest blog post published on a different site, which leads users to a dedicated landing page with a message tailored to the audience of that other blog.

Or it could be tied closely to a specific social media campaign.

Or visitors might even find a dedicated landing page via a custom offer for a single source, such as a special product launch discount you are offering on a platform like Product Hunt.

If you know where your visitors are coming from, you can make sure that the landing page meets their expectations. A custom-built landing page allows you to be one step ahead of the game, since you will know exactly what visitors from that source will expect when they click through.

Or, to put it more bluntly, if users expect a special deal, discount, or offer, you better make sure they get that offer when they get to your landing page.

Reason 4: Landing pages allow you to match your focused message to your focused traffic

I’ve already talked about focusing your message, and I’ve mentioned how landing pages allow you to cater to focused, specific traffic.

Let’s combine the two.

Match a specific message to a specific traffic source. This is especially helpful in cases of high cost or very focused traffic, such as PPC (pay per click) traffic.

So if you’re targeting a very specific phrase, make sure your landing page uses that exact same wording, or at the very least, something very similar.

This is crucial in order to create a consistent flow of ideas, concepts, or experiences from one place to another.

Providing users with such a consistent experience is important to increase conversions, especially in the case of expensive or very targeted traffic sources.

You want to make these types of investments worth it, and tailoring a landing page this specifically to the source is the way to go.

Reason 5: A landing page allows for more focused experimentation

All of the past reasons for using a landing page lead to another reason to use a landing page: it becomes much easier to experiment with the different content of each landing page.

Because landing pages are so focused in nature, this will help you determine how small changes in the design, copy, value prop, and offer of your landing page can affect your business and help it succeed.

Creating the perfect landing page is all about experimenting with different ways to build your landing page and create a coherent, clear, and focused experience for the user.

Because your landing page has such a clear goal, this will allow you to figure out whether something is working or not very quickly.

Do you meet your conversion goals? Or is there room to try a different approach?

Landing pages are all about focus, but having such a clear focus allows you to play around with all the parts of the page.

Plot twist: why not think about every page as a landing page?

So with all of the advantages of having landing pages, why not start thinking of, and treating, every page of your site like a landing page?

This might seem a little odd, but there’s a strong but strange case to be made that every single page of your site is a little bit like it’s own landing page.

With so many different ways to reach a page directly, from social and search to good old email, a lot of people will reach your pages without needing to pass through the rest of your site.

Can you see how this is just like landing pages?

Treat this like the great opportunity that it is: use this landing page mindset to add focus to the rest of your site.

This change in attitude will help you reach your goals and convert more visitors to paying customers or active users.

What next?

Hopefully this post has given you a good idea of what makes landing pages so valuable and powerful, and how you can start using them to generate leads and revenue.

For more on how to really do great with landing pages, be sure to sign up for our free 7 day email course on landing pages, or better yet, get feedback via UsersThink on your landing page and learn how to improve it!