How Users React to Your Landing Page (in GIFs)

You’ve worked hard on the landing page for your new startup, product, or offer.

But it’s difficult to anticipate how users will experience your work.

To help you gain insight and empathy, here are some GIFs to convey user reactions to common landing page problems.

1. Unexpected autoplay audio

Autoplay reaction

2. Getting a popover before the page is viewable

Popover right away

3. Point of the page is unclear

What's the site about?

4. Landing on an error page

Get an error page

5. Seeing a massive wall of text

Too much meaningless text

6. Page takes FOREVER to load (like this one, sorry!)

Forever load

7. The compelling offer isn’t compelling

Compelling offer isn't compelling

8. Page written in corporate jargon

Corporate speak escape plan

9. Can’t find the call to action

Hidden Homer

10. Signup form has too many fields

Too many fields

11. Hard to use on a phone

Mobile issues

12. Filled with spelling and grammatical errors

Me fail english?

13. Closing one popover triggers another

Multi popovers

14. Surprise popover covers the main Call To Action

Popover madness

The realization that some of these issues exist on your landing page


You get feedback, and at first it’s overwhelming

Sad in the rain

So, so overwhelming

My emotions

But you gain new insight and find mind blowing opportunities

Mind totally blown

You make changes to improve your landing page

Hard at work

And users love the changes

Users react well

They can’t wait to buy what you’re offering

Shut up and take my money


Victory dance

No one can touch you

Can't handle my swag

Time to celebrate

Money fight


Want to find errors, learn what’s not working on your landing page, and do better? Get UsersThink feedback on your landing page.

All images from Imgur and Giphy.