Landing Page Conversion Course, a free 7 part course

After analyzing the feedback we’ve processed for our customers, we uncovered common landing page issues that were most likely to kill conversions.

We put together a 7 part course around the 7 most deadly landing page conversion killers, and decided to make it free!

Here’s the course:

  1. Not Writing A Strong Value Proposition Headline

  2. Landing Page Too Slow

  3. Unclear or Hard to Find Call to Actions on Landing Page

  4. Using Bad Stock Photos - includes 99 royalty free stock photos that don’t suck

  5. Using Auto Image Sliders

  6. Not Having Mobile Friendly Landing Pages

  7. Not Getting Feedback

You’ll learn, in just 5 minutes per part, how to prevent the major issues that stop users from taking action on your landing pages.

You’ll also get access to our collection of 99 of the best stock photos to use in your landing pages (to prevent issue #4 from happening to you!).

Start now with part 1!