Why I Built UsersThink

Anyone with a landing page can benefit from specific feedback from real users, but many people don’t know how to go about getting the feedback.

And even among design, UX and usability professionals, the existing tools require extensive configuration.

Whenever I talked about one of these tools for feedback or usability, I found myself adding long caveats of things to be aware of, issues that I had painfully learned after extensive use.

I got sick of all that hassle, so I built a tool for my own use as a website usability consultant so I could more quickly get feedback on any type of landing page.

Not only did I build a tool that gives insightful feedback without any setup or effort, but because I had streamlined the process, it was much less expensive than other feedback options, with much higher quality results.

UsersThink ended up being so good, I thought everyone should be able to use it.

John Turner, CEO of UsersThink